Forever In My Heart Jewelry

Create a unique pendant charm necklace, bracelet, or key chain with charms symbolizing her special personality, hobbies, lifestyle, and especially your love for her.

Step 1:  Chose a necklace, bracelet, or keychain.  There are many more styles to choose from at your local Mina’s Hallmark.

Step 2: Choose a pendant style (necklaces only. bracelets and keychains have chains pre-attached).


Step 3: Design your personalized gift with any of the following Charms, Discs or Drops.

Background Disc:  Discs create a backdrop that really shows off charms and adds to the overall theme of your creation.


Charms:  hearts, wine glass, soccer balls, lighthouses …there are charms for every occasion


Drops: Add a traditional charm bracelet feel to the design: choose from many styles

When you're done done you will a piece of unique and personalized jewelry that is all her!

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